TT’s – Protein Q & A’s

scoops1.    Will protein shakes help with weight loss?

A.   some shakes are enhanced  with fat burning ingredients that will assist in fat loss more then standard whey shakes but what determines wether you lose body fat or not is total caloric intake, if you consume more calories then you are burning you will not lose weight regardless of what supplements you take, on the other hand not consuming enough calories can also stop  weight loss this is why some women actually put on weight from silly super low calorie diets


2.    Shall i take protein after my workouts?

A.   If you want to increase muscle mass through weight lifting or promote recovery then yes, immediately after your last set. If you are doing cardio and want to burn fat then taking a protein shake 15-30mins beforehand can enhance fat burning and will preserve muscle tissue, muscle burns calories so muscle preservation is paramount regardless of gender or goals


3.    Will taking protein make me muscular and bulky?

A.   If you are a male consuming enough calories from carbs, protein and healthy fats then depending on genetics and your training routine you can definately build muscle. If you are a female however, then it becomes a challenge to get muscular and bulky. Women do not have enough testosterone in their bodies to become muscular, in fact the reason men are more muscular is largely to do with the fact men produce around 20x the amount of the big T that women do. Women usually do not consume enough calories to support even the smallest amount of growth, all weight training will do (light or heavy) for the majority is improve health, increase muscle density, muscle strength, muscle tone and calorie expenditure = a very good thing


4.    Can i use a protein shake to replace a meal?

A.   I would not recommend using a whey protein shake to replace a meal without the guidance of a professional, for something to be termed a meal replacement it must provide enough nutrients, vitamins and minerals to replace a nutritionally balanced whole food meal of say : salmon, sweet potatoe and veggies, since a whey shake contains only protein it is not a healthy alternative and replacing meals with this will result in nutritional deficiencies so i would always drink it with some fruit and nuts but if you are adamant you need a liquid meal go for a meal replacement shake by a reputable brand and find one that suits your goals, however taking whey on its own between meals is an excellent way of boosting your protein intake…

Fell free to ask more!