Research shows high doses of vitamins can be effective in treating disease, so why has it been shunned by the medical community?

For some years I have been promoting the consumption of healthy foods rich in nutrients to not only promote good health and a visually pleasing body composition, but also to prevent susceptibility to disease and illness.

Let me tell you a few universally recognised attributes of vitamin C well documented in medical history; it has been recognised as an anti-oxidant, anti-viral, anti-histamine, anti-biotic and an anti-toxin. It’s arguably the most important vitamin for good health, cell repair and defence against disease.

Seriously, there’s been some strong evidence that high doses of vitamin C have been effective at alleviating many conditions including new research on cancer that i’ll cover in my next article and some of these have been documented as far back as the 1930’s. Andrew Saul PhD has been what I would call a nutritional therapy practitioner for many years and speaks a great deal of inspirational sense on the matter and has been treating his patients with nutrition and with tremendous success. He has referred to his case studies where allergies being alleviated with high dose vitamin C freeing them from heavy lifelong repeated allergy medication  and also refers to many other cases other high dose therapeutic uses for vitamins such a niacin (vitamin b3) being used to treat people with depression and recover from alcohol dependancy again with great success watch the video of him speak of case studies so the evidence is there.  

Other pioneers in the use of vitamins to treat disease include Linus Pauling winner of two unshared Nobel prizes, in his discovery in 1940 that high doses of vitamin C intravenously can improve and prolong the life of terminally ill cancer patients there is also evidence around the 1940’s of it being used to treat viral pneumonia by a physician called Dr Frederick Robert Klenner and around the mid 1930’s a biochemistry professor named Claus Jungeblut documented high dose vitamin C actually killing polio virus and other interesting uses for vitamin C in the treatment of disease here

Vitamins you say!? Instead of drugs, no way! If that were the case surely it would be mandatory for every doctor to prescribe nutrients and treat their patient’s right? this is too good to be true… Well actually, it is too good, as Dr Andrew Saul put it “it’s too good for too many things”, but it’s not too good to be true.

So why aren’t these facts put to practical use by all of today’s medical community? Well, think about it, the pharmaceutical industry is a multi-billion pound organisation; they make their money by selling drugs to patients, drugs that don’t necessarily cure the patients, but drugs that alleviate symptoms if used long enough, so you keep buying them and they can keep making money from their use. These are the ideal drugs for pharmaceutical companies because they are the drugs that makes the industry billions of £££’s and $$$’s every year and they keep it that way. These are the drugs that need repeated long term use that cost patients money. It is sad fact and hard to believe but it’s true, it’s been that way for years, long term repeated drug use by patients make the industry billions of pounds…

The same pharmaceutical industries also fund students to study medicine to become doctors. So they study medicine for 9 years, get their medical degree and become doctors then prescribe medicine, albeit mainly paracetamol in the UK at least, but in essence they are then qualified to prescribe drugs, so that’s what they do and that keeps the pharmaceutical companies rich while patients lack the real care they need. On top of that the industry is known to “wine and dine” the future student doctors and also the established doctors. Almost a kind of way to keep them sweet.

Drug use is not the answer to your problems and most drugs mainly treat symptoms of an underlying cause, not your whole body or the issue caused by it. The problem with not taking the whole body into consideration is your never addressing the cause, only the symptoms. Medication won’t always give the body what it really needs. Sure, pain killers for extreme pain is a reasonable use of a medicinal drug, there are also some other good and justified uses for drugs, but most common problems, bacterial infections, viruses, headaches, high blood pressure, cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes can all be prevented by NUTRITION and even some diseases and virus has been treated with high doses of vitamins so drugs should not be the new modern way of thinking.

This is not to discredit any doctors in any way most are just limited by the boundaries of their profession. There are a lot of doctors out there that genuinely care for their patients and have their heart in the right place in fact I know a few doctors personally, two who are friends of mine and one a personal client, but they, as many people in many professions, are just restricted by the laws of what they are qualified to do.

But as there are personal trainers out there who only get into the fitness industry for the money and the status that comes with the profession who lack the underpinning motivation and inspiration that comes from a desire and passion to improve people’s health’s and lives, there are also doctors like that too. Maybe some doctors were also once passionate but have also long ago lost their passion and personal approach to each patients health due to the fact we live in a country where legislation or gross misconduct can easily be ensued upon them by patients which could make today’s doctors cautious of adopting anything other than a “one size fits all” approach. Maybe they are limited on the personal care they can offer as they may be extremely limited on time with each patient due to the fact the system is being over crowded with more pointless appointments for preventable illnesses every year, who knows.

What I do know though, is that there are some doctors, many of the ones I have had in fact, who should not be entitled to hold a medical qualification due to their complacency and lack of regard and for true the needs of their patient. While many Doctors will do their best to help a patient how many times have you been prescribed pain killers or other irrelevant or non effective medication used merely to mask symptoms from an underlying issue, without them showing any real interest in your needs and right as an individual to be healthy and free of illness.

I also know the drug industry is a multi-billion pound industry that keeps a lot of rich people very rich and sick people poor and still sick. When such large amounts of money is in play it’s very easy to lose sight of what should be the real reason for making medicinal drugs and that should be to improve the quality of one’s life by curing, treating or preventing disease, too many people are willing to spend out on pointless prescriptions and too many doctors are happy to prescribe these and too many pharmaceutical companies are more than happy to push their out. Drug companies are rich because sick patients ‘need’ drugs and drugs don’t always cure people. A huge financial interest is at stake if everyone suddenly cured themselves with nutritional therapy and disease incidence plummeted.

I also know in America there are more deaths by prescription drug use then there are deaths from terrorists or alcohol related deaths. According to recent statistics around 750,000 people die from normal supervised use of medication, that’s a hell of a lot of people dead from medicine that’s supposed to help you! Around 500,000 people in america die each year from cancers but drugs that are supposed to “help” you actually kills more people then the big killer cancer.Cancer gets a lot of attention (and for good reason), it claims many lives but yet these deaths from medicinal drugs receives no where near the publicity cancer deaths get and why do you think that is? The biggest killer is what people think is helping them. The deaths from nutrients are next to nil.


Its very hard to find any statistics on UK deaths from medicine but our close western style relationship with America to me would suggest the UK statistics are be around the same region in relation to our population but I hope not. Unfortunately we’ve never been too far behind america be it political or health trends, were certainly up there with them on heart disease, obesity and diabetes but we can only guess. I hope to update this article as soon as I find some UK statistics.

What is clear is that westernised countries have become too dependent on drugs and magic pills to fix our health problems when the solution is down the road in your local supermarket.

If a doctor is to truly treat and heal a patient, nutritional therapy should be the first non invasive method of treatment where ever necessary, as many of today’s problems are caused by preventable lifestyle and dietary means.

Chronic diseases are usually the result of chronic deficiency, but doctors never address this area. This is why it should be down to you to take control of your won health and life.

So I hope it’s clear now why doctors who get next no formal training or education in nutrition, whose education are often endorsed by multi-billion pound drug companies, don’t prescribe you nutrients and why these nutrients that have sadly been proven to alleviate and even cure many illnesses and conditions are not encouraged, recognised or acknowledged by the medical community. They are doctors and doctors have studied and are qualified to prescribe drugs, despite the fact drugs are not the long life solution to human disease and illnesses that is all they know.

Until the medical community starts to acknowledge the importance of nutrition and high dose vitamins (and with all the evidence they slowly are) your body and the public as a whole will never get what it needs from a conventional drug orientated approach to every common condition.

The only way forward until that day comes is to cure yourself, eat healthy nutrient rich foods so your body can heal and repair itself naturally as your bodies intricate built in defenses naturally would. That is all your body wants to do HEAL and REPAIR from the toxic and harmful lifestyle and environments we have become destined to live in. A few lifestyle and dietary changes are all it takes.

Drugs are not the long term solution to your health, only you and the foods you decide to eat will dictate whether your body heals or not.

Natures greatest gifts: Spirulina

What is it?spirulina4

Spirulina is a blue green micro algae. Its a cyanobacterium that is spiral like in structure. It thrives in tropical and sub tropical lakes with a nutrient rich and high ph level water supply. Blue green algae has been around long before man and long before any living organism bigger then a cell existed, they are made up of ancient prokaryotic cells that were the first cell of its type to perform photosynthesis which gave earth its first breath of oxygen. This was one of many types of blue green algae that was one of the first things to provide our planet with oxygen over 3 billion years ago. With this new oxygen in the atmosphere, it allowed cells to get 18 ATP molecules from each glucose molecule, before oxygen existed cells could only get 3 ATP molecules from food. This new efficient way of energy utilisation and energy production from food due to increasing amounts of oxygen, sparked a chain reaction of new life as cells then continued to grow and flourish into more complex organisms which eventually led to where we are today.


Why should I take it?

Spirulina is a natural product of the earth we live on. Its a natural source of nutrients and is easily absorbed by the body, its a great supplement to ones diet if one is against taking synthetic supplements made in laboratories like most multi-vitamins.

Spirulina is an excellent way of increasing ones health, energy, mood and well being from the important combination of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, anti-oxidants, phytonutrients, protein and essential fatty acids.

Its a complete protein source, around 60% protein itself, containing 18 amino acids, including the essential 8 amino acids we can’t produce ourselves.

It has 18 vitamins and minerals most of which are essential to the bodies daily functions.

Its low in carbohydrates and high in essential fatty acids (EfA’s). EFA’s are extremely important to the body and health. They are crucial for brain function, immune support and cell repair. As the word essential implies, the body cant produce them so it is essential to obtain them externally and they are essential for the body to function properly. Spirulina is in fact the reason salmon contain omega-3 fatty acids, they eat it and absorb it into their tissues, then we eat them and absorb it from their tissues.

Spirulina is said to contain enough nutrients that you could survive on it and water alone. Its widely accepted as the perfect food. 5-10 grams daily is all that is needed to provide the benefits spirulina can offer.

Common benefits

  • increased energy
  • increased mood and a sense of well being
  • healthier looking skin and hair
  • better digestive health
  • improved memory
  • improved focus
  • elimination of poisonous heavy metals
  • de-toxification of the liver
  • improved immunity and resistance to illness
  • increased weight loss (possibly due to the the high amounts of iodine present in it, which is responsible for healthy thyroid out put)
  • decreased inflammation within the body which leads to healthier joints


Clinical uses

  • can be used to treat age related macular degeneration
  • can be used to treat diabetes as it improves insulin resistance in people with type 2 diabetes
  • has been used to lower blood pressure
  • can be used to treat fatty liver disease by decreasing triglycerides in the liver
  • reduces cholesterol
  • protects the liver from toxins
  • adds protection from neuro degenerative diseases by improving cognition
  • useful in the prevention of strokes
  • used to nourish malnourished children
  • holds value in the treatment of nasal allergies


It only takes a few minutes of reading studies on spirulina in humans and in animals to see its powerful ability to promote numerous benefits to the human body. As always I would recommend you do your own research before taking any new food supplement. But spirulina certainly will have a regular place in my diet from now on.

As used for malnourished children