Are refined carbs that bad?

Carbs are a touchy subject and some people see certain carbs as a solid part of their natural diet. Unfortunately there is a lot of types of carbs that should be eliminated from every ones diet if we are to improve the health of humans. With regards to the refined type that have been processed and all the artificial foods for that matter, they can cause inflammation, diabetes, severe weight gain, digestive problems, intolerances, allergies which can all lead to an early death, all from a man made food we have been tricked by food industries into thinking is good.

Remember the old adverts on bread years and years ago promoting 6 slices of white bread as part of a balanced diet, well it was probably adverts like these that duped the nation into thinking its healthy, which of course years later resulted in an obesity and diabetes epidemic. Its now the type of food health professionals advise the nation to avoid based on the research we now have that didn’t exist then that shows that old fashioned perception of bread is a quick way to bad health.

Now we have a problem of extracting this old fashioned mentality from people. People that were brought up on it, like I was, believe its fine because they turned out ok. But the truth is It wasn’t good for us then because look at us now. Obesity has doubled since the time of them adverts and refined carb consumption has shot up. We have created a demand for Frankenstein food.

When you consume sugar (or refined carbs which mimic sugar) your organ, the pancreas, pumps out a hormone called insulin. This insulin is a storage hormone, its released when there is a sudden rush or excess sugar in the blood. Too much sugar in the blood is poisonous so your body releases this to save your life.

The negatives to this is that the body can pump out so much insulin to get rid of the sugar, it takes away more sugar out of your blood then it needs to which results in subnormal sugar levels equating to you making you feel tired irritable, sluggish, shakey and can even result in cold sweats from a condition brought on by extremely low sugar levels called hypoglycaemia. The insulin it releases can also become ineffective (diabetes). Anyone that eats refined carbs that act like sugar are setting themselves up for physical and mental fatigue and unstable mood levels and are risking the chance of pancreatic stress or diabetes, add that to a 5 year old child and the problem is magnified.

The sugar that is taken out of the blood stream by insulin is driven into your body fat by insulin so every time you consume white bread or sugary stuff, you are literally making your body store fat right there and then because the carbs from it are digested and enter the blood stream too quickly. The pancreas, an organ that pumps out this hormone insulin gets over worked when people consume to much fast digesting carbs (like most kids and adults do nowadays) its not normal for this organ to be called upon repeatedly for something it should be doing only once in a while to save your life.

When you keep eating these refined easy to digest low fibre carbs combined with hunger pangs that are brought on by these foods its easy to become overweight and your pancreas eventually gets tired and becomes dysfunctional, either not releasing any insulin (type 1 diabetes, which is mainly genetic and diagnosed early in children) or not releasing enough (type 2 diabetes aka adult onset diabetes) its very damaging to the pancreas to be pumping out that hormone insulin throughout the day, These non essential carbs are the cause of the state of our health as a population.

Problem is with today way of thinking is that people see certain junk foods: crisps, chocolate, refined carbs etc as normal food when in fact it is NOT food. Its NOT something our bodies were designed to digest on a daily basis but many people do and of course so many people are over weight and suffer disease more now then ever before.

So should we be really surprised that obesity has doubled since the 1980’s? Is it surprising children as young as 5 are getting diseases like type 2 diabetes that would usually take an adult 40 years of bad eating to get? No of course not its cause and effect. Unhealthy eating is the cause and disease and death is the effect.

People that refuse to accept the facts and who continue to eat these processed artificially manufactured foods who have been drawn in to thinking its part of a natural diet who remain in absolute ignorance failing to provide optimal health for themselves. They just increase their risk of becoming another statistic in the long line of people yet to be diagnosed with a diet related disease. On top of that your ill health is of no concern to the industry selling them products who are likely more aware of its negative effects on your health then you are.

These foods will affect your energy your mood and your appetite in a negative way. The low fibre crap will bind to your stomach like glue in a drain pipe. Fibre is essential in our food for it to pass easily through out system, remove the fibre like they do in white bread and the waste sits in the stomach until fibre from real food helps to move it all along. More often then not it rots and stagnates in your gut which can cause belly aches and constipation. Any one who has children may be aware of the fact that some children have unhealthy appetites and don’t eat a lot. Well constipation causes a loss in appetite and low fibre refined carbs causes constipation, see the cycle? Fibre also prevents the accumulation of toxins and bacteria in the colon which reduces the risk of colon cancer. Eating more fibre will remove stale waste in the digestive system which is important for children.

The problem with refined foods is just that, they are refined. They have gone through harsh chemical and refining processes that removes and destroys the fibre and any vitamins. This leaves refined foods deficient in many vitamins and minerals. As a good example I’m going to hate on white bread, not because I hate white bread but because it was once a traditional stone baked family food that’s become a victim of todays commercial and industrial refining processes. It was once made using traditional hand made methods which involved keeping all of the essential minerals and fibre in tact but due to the modern demands large scale food productions have placed on it, it wasn’t a quick enough way to bang out them loafs so they could pull in them digits, so they lost traditional techniques and resorted to chemicals and refining.

White bread is a good example for this because its subject to harsh chemical bleaching to make it whiter yet people still consider this a staple part of our natural diet when it is not. We don’t really know what bread is or should taste like these days due to the slow increase in preservative and artificial methods. Here is a quote from Dr. Cantons website about the flour used in white bread “at the expense of consumer health, flour is treated with chemical bleach, similar to Clorox. The bleaching process leaves residues of toxic chlorinated hydrocarbons and dioxins. Methionine, an essential amino acid, reacts with bleaching chemicals to form methionine sulfoxine. That toxic residue causes nervousness and seizures in animals.” still think this is food? here’s more “Grain millers in the nineteenth century soon discovered that highly refined flour would keep without spoiling for prolonged periods, even before the days of chemical preservatives and refrigeration. It’s now clear refined flour is so depleted of essential vitamins and minerals that it will not support life.” but wait this ones golden “Experiments were reported in a major British medical journal, The Lancet, showing that dogs fed exclusively on white bread died of malnutrition within two months. Dogs similarly fed only bread made with stone-ground, whole-wheat flour lived indefinitely in good health.” dare I say any more? Is anyone starting to see my point?

We have all been deceived by food industries for years into thinking refined carbs are natural foods when really it is NOT a natural food. What makes this whole aspect worse, where my main concern lies and where I will continue to make a difference in, is that many parents are simply unaware of these facts and unknowingly feed their kids these refined foods on a DAILY basis. A child’s delicate growing biology should not exposed to these chemical foods despite how embedded your beliefs are that its “ok” or “iv been eating it for years and I’m fine” or “there’s nothing wrong with it” because there’s just nothing right with it!

Apart from acute constipation and digestive problems from refined foods they do slow and steady damage until one day you find out you have to live the rest of your life on strict diets and medication.

Here’s a simple and fun solution to avoiding preservatives and refining processes that you can involve the kids in…ready for it?

Make your own food! Its fun its easy its cheap and its healthy! there are countless healthy recipes on the net and I have a few to share myself so no harm in trying, the harms lies in not trying. Check out this site for some bread recipes…

Join the fight against obesity and disease with food education. Teach yourself and teach your children. Make them aware so they make their children aware so the future of human health is increasing not declining.

The benefits to high fibre foods are endless in contrast to the risks of non fibrous refined carbs. Small changes now can make a big difference now AND later.

So given the information and knowledge we now know about refined carbs are they all that bad? Well if your still in debate with yourself about that question I would probably stop eating all together, just to be safe.