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All consultations and follow-ups can be conducted via telephone or skype upon request.

Consultation + Dietary Analysis + Health Plan
90 minutes of initial consultation time to identify current health issues and goals. Includes an extensive dietary analysis assessing intakes of over 30 essential nutrients from a 7 day food diary. The results of the dietary analysis highlights; Deficiency intakes, sub-optimal intakes, excessive intakes, top food sources of insufficiently consumed nutrients and additional informative commentary about each nutrient that is not being adequately consumed. A personalised meal plan offering 15 meal options over a 3 or 5 day cycle. Can typically be used for 4-6 weeks depending on goals. Tailor made to correct any significant nutritional inadequacies highlighted in the report and to reflect health and/or re-composition goals. Includes organised shopping list and additional recipe sheet. Works well as part of a structured 12 week plan or as a one off health kick-start. Can be modified entirely according to your specific dietary requirements or condition of health.

  • £120 – Includes;
    – 90 minutes of initial consultation time
    – 7 day dietary analysis (multi-page PDF report given in soft/hard copy format)
    – 15 meal food plan
    – Personalised recipes
    – Shopping list
    – Lifestyle/blood testing recommendations
    – Post health plan consultation (30mins) for questions & adjustments

Consultation + Health Plan
A 90 minute consultation and personalised health plan. Consultation includes; a mutual agreement of your most important health goals, analysis of what you ate in the last 24 hours and a general discussion of your current and previous health issues and eating habits.

This consultation is then followed up with; a tailored nutrition plan, some recipes, a shopping list, any necessary lifestyle or blood testing recommendations and an additional 30 minutes to account for any questions about, or adjustments of, your health plan upon receipt of it.

Your health plan is structured solely around helping us achieve your particular health goals. From when the consultation finishes I aim for a 24 hour turn around to have your customised health plan ready for you.

  • £90 – Consultation + Health Plan
    – First consultation (90mins)
    – Tailored food plan
    – Personalised recipes
    – Shopping list
    – Lifestyle/blood testing recommendations
    – Post health plan consultation (30mins) for questions & adjustments

Consultation + Dietary Analysis
An extensive dietary analysis using professional dietary analysis software Nutritics. Presented clearly and simply in a comprehensive multi-page report and yours to kee. The report shows your dietary intake of over 25 essential nutrients and compares your intake to the most up to date national guidelines (UK SACN 2015). The dietary analysis also highlights; insufficient and/or excessive intakes of essential fats, protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. Top food sources to increase insufficient intakes of vitamins and/or minerals. Your biggest sources of excessive intakes, this is often sugar, sodium and fat for. It includes a breakdown of your macro-nutrient ratio and the overall glycemic load of your diet and additional informative commentary about the health implications of any nutrient consumed in inadequate or excessive amounts. Overall this is the most comprehensive and detailed analysis you can buy for this price using the latest software designed for health professionals.nutritt cs iron

This report includes a 60 minute face-to-face/telephone/skype consultation so the report can be interpreted and explained step by step so that the key findings are made clear and actionable. It also allows for any nutrition related questions to be answered regarding the report or about your diet in general to ensure you benefit from it as much as possible.

  • £75 – 7 day food diary analysis
  • £55 – 4 day food diary analysis

Consultation + Meal Plan
Geared towards general health improvement, sports performance, fat loss or muscle gain. Meal plan will be calculated  to ensure the food plan reflects the goals and characteristics of the individual. Includes a shopping list and any relevant notes.

  • £50 – 15 meal plan
  • £35 – 10 meal 1 plan

Follow up consultations
Follow ups for existing clients that are not included in any package can be arranged separately.

  • £40 per hour
    – Re-evaluation of health goals
    – Progression of previous plan
    – Advice
    – Support
    – Q & A

Personal training
Outdoor training involves padwork, boxing, circuit, bodyweight and outdoor feature based training. Can also use a commercial gym.

  • £30 per hour includes :-
    – Free 30 minute consultation to discuss goals
    – Weekly weigh-ins/measurements/body fat monitoring
    – Dietary advice
    – Progressive training plan tailored to specific needs
    – Body-building
    – Sports performance

9.99 body burn workout:-
This workout program is one I designed to get myself in shape for a boxing bout, I couldn’t focus a lot on heavy weights due to the fact I was always sore for my boxing training and I needed to drop about 20lbs in 3 months, so I wanted a workout that would keep my muscles in shape while improving my anaerobic capacity and conditioning as well as assisting in me dropping weight. Due to the high volume of this workout it’s excellent for depleting stored glycogen and increasing glycogen capacity. This workout is a progressive 12 week program with easy to follow weekly workouts that cycle different area’s of the body and attacking different energy systems, highly recommended and aimed at beginners with the first 4 weeks involving only 12-18 minute workouts.

  •  Full on 12 week progressive fat loss and fitness plan
  • Unique concept and not available any where else
  • 3x 4 week training plans, 3x 4 week diet plans
  • Easy to follow, realistic and effective training concepts with 3 phases suited for people at any level of fitness
  • Excellent program for athletes involved in endurance and anaerobic activities
  • Excellent glycogen depletion workout
  • A progressive diet and training plan to ensure constant fat loss and improved health and fitness
  • On call support and advice

12 week long distance re-comp package
If the idea of a 12 week training and diet package interests you but you’re a long distance customer then this is for you. Because I’m not devoting hours to you personally like i would at the start of each phase in the other package, I can write up the whole 12 week training and diet plan, then give it all to you in one go. This plan is great for any long distant trainee that has no problem following a workout and diet solo that wants to see a progressive improvement in their physique or even for someone who is just starting out and needs a decent diet and training plan to get them on the right track, there’s absolutely no reason why this would be inferior to the other plans providing you are dedicated you will still reach your goals.
includes :-

  • 60 min online consultation to discuss body stats, goals, current physical activity
  • 4 days dietary analysis,
  • 3x four week training plans,
  • 3x four week diet plans
  • On call support and advice

My Services
All services are structured, tailor made and suited to the client and their specific needs. Weight, BMI, age, gender, nutrition intake, health condition and physical capability are all taken into consideration.

If you are interested in working with me please contact me for more information