Fatema Saad Zagloul – 2018

“Working out with Tony, was probably the best decision I made. He always pushed me to lift heavier and to eat better. He always got back to me with all the questions I had. I honestly recommend him for girls who want to be fit and not bulky.”


Annabel Berry – 2017
“I approached Tony suffering from amenorrhea after being on a restricted diet. Tony designed a food plan that helped me to give my body the best possible chance of recovery. Low and behold shortly after following Tony’s advice my menstrual cycle has now returned to normal. I also wanted to reduce the amount of animal produce in my diet. Tony put together an easy to follow food plan that was also delicious. Tony helped me more than my GP. My doctor said as I’m not currently trying for children they were not concerned about the loss of my menstrual cycle. Something I found hard to comprehend as my hormones and over-all homeostasis were clearly out of whack.”


Peter Webb 2015

Peter was 56 years old and wanted to improve his overall conditioning and wanted to lose some body fat (although Peter wasn’t exactly over weight) that sat around his stomach. He had sent me this message after six weeks of following the nutrition plans that reflected his goals as well as his dietary analysis. Peter had lost around 8lbs by the 4 week mark which he claimed he felt like was mainly from his midsection and reported he had gained strength in the gym on his main resistance exercises. Peter was an ideal client because he followed the plans and any dietary advice I gave him rigidly. By the end of 8 weeks he had completely changed his eating habits and was now used to eating foods that complimented his goals. He was also thrilled at the fact he was consuming more calories and eating more food now than he was before.


Jamie chamberlain – July / 2013 jc before after

“When I started training with Tony I had no knowledge of the gym & little knowledge of the importance of diet & training. From the outset I had said that I wanted to bulk up and gain strength. Tony was very thorough, creating a diet plan with a carefully thought out calorie and protein intake. This combined with regular training allowed me to gain 7Ib in the space of 4 weeks, something I had never been able to do before. One thing that was clear from my time with Tony is that he knows his stuff! He puts his heart into health & fitness and if you follow what he recommends, you can achieve your goals.”


Matt Kearns – March / 2013

“I’ve been working with Tony for just over 5 weeks now and I can honestly say it’s been a great experience. Tony has given me the motivation to stick to both my training and diet plan from day one. I would say Tony is the best trainer I have ever used because of the importance and time he puts into the nutritional aspect of training which is something that hasn’t always been the case in the past.

From a nutritional perspective I can’t fault the guy. You can tell he’s really into understanding the effects of nutrition on the body with all his little factoids and the level of detail he can go into is astounding. My personal favorite is his take on bananas! He has given me two phases of tailored diet plan since I have been working with him, both of which have been really easy to stick to given the variety on offer and the effort he has taken in making the recipes as flavorsome as possible.

My workouts with Tony always leave me exhausted as he makes you push yourself to levels that you wouldn’t be able to attain on your own; without being the stereotypical trainer barking orders in your face.

Since I have been following the combination of diet plan and workout regime, I have noticed a marked difference in my physique and muscle tone, something I failed to achieve previously when less emphasis was placed on diet.

I thoroughly recommend Tony to any prospective customer to be an approachable, down-to-earth guy who will most definitely help you to achieve the goals you set out”


Joe Alvin – November / 2012ja before after

“It gives me a great sense of achievement to know just how much weight I have lost over the years with Tony. The pictures Tony took of me were taken over just 12 weeks and even so this is still just a fraction of the progress me and Tony have made together. When I first started training three years ago i was 18 stone and i had a very bad lifestyle, I knew I had to do something so i joined a gym and started hitting the treadmill. I had been friends with Tony since school and I knew he was interested in weight training and had become a personal trainer and was also undertaking a degree in nutrition. Tony was more than happy to help me and began training me. With his help I lost a lot of weight quickly, around 5 stone in 7 months before hitting a brick wall. It was only when I began sticking rigidly to Tony’s dietary advice that I overcame that obstacle and got myself down to under 11 stone and in good physical condition. Me and Tony have been training together regularly for about 3 years now and in that time he has helped me make huge strides. He understands nutrition and training better than anyone I’ve ever met and continues to show a willingness to learn new things which we often implement in our training and diet strategies. He saw will power in me that nobody else knew was there, not even myself and brought it out in me and I couldn’t of achieved my goals without him. He still continues to show interest as we push on to greater things.”


Sonia Tester (Personal Trainer) – October 2012 http://goindigotraining.com

“Having worked alongside Tony for the past year, I must say that Tony certainly knows his way around the nutritional value box of almost any food product!! He is constantly researching the latest theories on nutrition and training, and has in turn developed a reputation in the gym as a bit of a ‘fitness & nutrition geek’. Tony is thorough in his research and will use himself as a guinea pig to discover how best to sculpt the ‘perfect’ body.”