What Can We Learn From Alien Invasion Films

Human nature to forget

Some things we do as humans that we may even have once opposed, are things that we have come to accept as a normal part of our society by mere repetition of exposure. This eventually had led to an entire industry which now exists only behind closed doors. Our lack of consideration and interest for where our food comes from and how it’s made only reinforces our ignorance. With this in mind it’s easy to understand how emotionally disconnected we’ve now become from the lives of billions of animals who are are the mercy of our superficial pleasures. Many humans go through their whole lives devoid of any regard or thought for the life that was sacrificed for the mere satisfaction of a glass of milk or a burger. Some people are genuinely unaware of the of the shocking reality while others in the know choose to simply choose not to think about it. Either way it doesn’t make it any less wrong or any less disturbing.

Attack of the killer humans

Isn’t it somewhat ironic and rich, that we are so horrified and disturbed when we see films about superior alien species from other planets harvesting us human bodies for their self-serving purposes. Shaken by the thought of being treated like we treat cattle with no remorse or respect for our lives and yet, we have absolutely no emotional attachment to the animals we do the very same thing to every single day on an exponential scale on our very own planet.

We treat cows, pigs and chickens like we imagine alien races treating us. We subject animals to the more lethal aspects of our technology and power for our own trivial needs; food, fashion, sports, harmful and deadly drug experimentation. Even though we are fully aware of the terror it would inflict on us if an alien race were to do the same thing. This seems somewhat of a double standards. Or maybe were just remorseless because we are “superior” and need to be this exploitive and resourceful to thrive to be as successful as we are.

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But does that really justify the means? Does that mean our compassion and respect for animals should be abandoned because our desires supersedes their lives? Would that be a justified argument if it were our species being violently exploited by an alien race?
I think not.


Being at the top of the food chain with the power to do X doesn’t provide a justified reason to do X. Just because we can doesn’t mean we should. We are kind and compassionate to the elderly, children, puppies and kittens, not just because of some societal obligation, but because of an innate desire to protect and defend the defenseless and the vulnerable from the tyrannical and the exploitative. If alien life could see what we do to animals on our planet with currency and mere being our justification, it really would paint a rather violent and barbaric picture of the human race. One which may not work in our best interests should our reasons be turned upon us.

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