TT’s – Balancing act

A good workout routine provides your body with many benefits but just the act of exercising isn’t always enough to help build a strong healthy body and some things you might do may actually degrade your anatomical health.

A healthy workout routine should reflect your goals but it should always have balance, if it doesn’t that workout will reflect on you and will display itself as a muscle imbalance or postural imbalance and will easily lead to injury’s, torn muscles or tendons and can set you back for months.

Here are some basic tips when trying to get a balanced routine…


Runners – a lot of people run and spend a lot of time on cardio and none on weights. The problem with this is you can end up with muscular imbalances, dominant quadriceps and weak or tight hamstrings are common, if you are not already lifting weights throw a few sets of leg curls in after your run to strengthen the hamstring (be sure to do a light warm-up set first). if you already incorporate leg training always do more hamstring work then quadriceps’s and stretch your leg muscles daily.


Weight lifters – far too many guys (and girls too) focus way too much on mirror muscles. Everyone loves training their chest shoulders and biceps but neglect the posterior chain resulting in postural problems which will causes rounded shoulders and tight internal rotators ultimately leading to rotator cuff problems which can be a life long misery of an injury to rehab. Always be sure to have just as many if not more back exercises as chest and stretch your chest and back on a daily basis to prevent this ever becoming a problem. Also do equal sets for vertical pulling as you do vertical pushing and same goes for horizontal moves. I would recommend 4 sets of rows to 3 sets chest pressing and 4 sets of vertical pull downs for 3 sets of overhead vertical pressing. Prevention is the best cure.

Stay tuned for TT’s – Alcohol recovery part 1

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